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We need volunteers, so please contact our representatives if you see some where that you would like to help out.

Celebrating Our Legacy


Irvin Green Dawkins

Family Renion


Matriarch Mary Irvin Green Dawkins

Getting Reconnected - One Link at a Time

The committee has decided to cancel our 2015 family reunion due to lack of interest.

 If anyone is interested in taking the 2016 reunion please let me know, it will be time to start planning for next year soon!!

Attending the family reunion has always been a priority in our family.  Each year our mother, Maggie Jones (Irvin Descendant), daughter of Estelle Irvin, and grand-daughter of Mary Dawkins, would personally phone my siblings and I reminding us to make plans to attend the upcoming family reunion as well as bringing our children; staying connected to the family was very important to my mother.

We attended the Irvin, Green and Dawkins family reunion year after year but our family history was never mention.  I never knew nor was it explained as to how we were connected, during the past two years I have begun to learn more about our family history by conducting my own personally research which has given me a greater appreciation for this wonderful and awesome connection we share.

"Getting Reconnected - One Link at a Time" is our  family reunion theme.  When you look at a chain-link fence and see how strong and connected each link is fitted together; over- time, the links can become worn and weak due to weather conditions and other environmental changes which can lead to damaged or disconnected links.  

Janice Jones-Parmer

Reunion Coordinator

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